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NOVA RPCV Mentoring Program


NOVA RPCV supports the RPCV community by

  • offering training to members who would like to be Mentors to RPCVs
  • assigning mentees requesting assistance.  

Mentors work with RPCVs who are RPCV members of either RPCVJOBS, RPCV/W or NOVA RPCV.

Requested support from RPCVs may include 

  •  career planning and development,
  •  job search processes such as resumes, networking, career exploration and job interviewing, and/or
  •  a sounding board for currently working RPCVs on job and/or career issues.

If you wish to be a Mentor and receive training contact Program Coordinator, Randy Adams, at:  

If you are already an experienced Mentor you can connect directly with the Mentor Programs at


RPCV/W (, and/or


to select or be assigned a mentee.